06 March 2012

MAT Hack: Forever Weapon and Item

Here is the list of weapon that are permanent for gamers that are available for you all. The are some gamers that not even realise that the permanent weapon and item are available in this game. Sharing is caring.

Ghost Mode Guide 
The are many people that are still playing the ghost mode using a blue shirt whereas when they are moving, they are totally expose their camouflage as ghost. If you wear black shirt, human hard to detect you location.


Link? This post is original from me. :)


got updated? haha



it just default equipment Y_Y

cal copra no no more already need buy

can you give mee 1 weapon i server II please /022

give me item forever nme KAURIL Server II

give me HK PYRO permenent server 1

give me evil slayer SPAS-12 server 1

nak download macam mane

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