18 December 2010

FREE GHOST HACK.. MAT HACK (Mission Against Terror)


I'm back. So tired working. I want to share to you all about the ghost hack.
1. Download the Ghost Hack Software. Download and extract(Ghost wALL hAcK.rar).
2. Login to the game and open Ghost wALL hAcK.exe

3. After open you can minimize it. Join the game.
4. Make sure you do not go to another tab, in other words, do not minimize the MAT.exe
5. -Press Button "Home" :Active Ghost Wall Hack.
    -Press Button "End" :deactive Ghost Wall Hack.
6. The crossair will change after the ghost wall hack is activated. Some time it take times to detect the ghost.
7. Good Luck. Sometimes, this software is detected if you minimize the MAT.exe
8. Play Well. Please leave comment.

p/s Here is the tips:
1. After enter the game, you can active the ghost hack
2. Active when starting the game, when then yellow light on the body. If the starting is really slow, dont active the ghost hack. Otherwise, you can get easily error.
3. When you can start walking. Press "End" to deactive the ghost hack.
4. Repeat 2,3 step when the round restart.


This is boring hack. Really boring hack. Just play right?

MAT hacker , this has has another link to download or not ? because this hack download from Mediafire has Virus pls gv a new link pls . . . . thx you

this hack contain "VIRUS" i can't run it

the hack can;t use FucKer who creat the hack

Link Is Not Working

And Plssss change to another hack because this one got virus

its not a fake.. it is real on Dec 2010.. I play this hack to kill the ghost. :P

Right now this hack is already patched.. T_T


this is very simple hack can this hack can see ghost....

dude the file got password

i wan hack gold and hack pls

bile nk try tutup sendiri.... Cmne nk wt??

noob play hack lol hehe

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