01 May 2012



1. Download Here [download]
2. Copy it
3. Go to MAT directory on My Computer>> C:\MAT
4. Go to System Folder

5. In System Folder, paste the files and click OK.

6. Login in MAT, go to Ghost MODE, to active the hack just press HOME button. Good Luck. It's hard to control it. That's why I mention this hack is just for PRO. ^_^. Just available at ghostmode, in both side, Human and Ghost.

7. If you boring play the SPIDER hack, just copy back the files to original files or download here.
[original files - download] <--- don't download this if you want to play Spider hack.

8. Go to setting, uncheck the Invert mouse. Settle.


FB ScreenShoot: LOL

YouTube. Tutorial using video by NightMForRunescape


just for pro. it is hard to play spider, haha


can window 7 use too ?

yupz, it is available for every operating system, just copy and paste it. easy as ABC.


this spider is nice system.besides,in mpgh.net they spider hack maker had realeased the kfx archive which can edit back ur spider.rar if cant understanding it.for people who are pro in it,try to do like me,editing the ghost spped and ur normal speed will same as F card ghost speed.

why don't do that all mode can use??
why no give wall hack,speedhack??

i'm pro spider hack

ya how to use ?????hehehe

noob/029/006 hack is noob/029/006

I can't find my MAT system folder >_<

I will try to use KFX archive later


now can't play hack

spider hack still can use today..
just read the tutorial carefully. :)


where cn i find HOME?
that u mean.

i found my system but there is no word of "paste"
help me

lol nice question ever. Dude home is just a button on your keyboard. and if there no 'paste' just click CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste it.

hack the acc AkulahJYE

block the acc AkulahJYE

this hack is patch so can'y play T_T

why cannot use i click home there no spider hack?

hello macam mne nk downdload hack nye ...

how to close the spider hack
i can hack le but can i close it

i don know how to use

can you give me hack gold
please !!!!!!

hack gold2//// please...

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