19 December 2010



Hi guys, I'm back for this weekend. I would like to share to you all the Wall Hack.
First of all, you must download the software DXT_HALLOWEEN HACK MAT.rar

This is same method for JUMP HACK.
1. After extract the DXT_HALLOWEEN HACK MAT.rar. Login to MAT and join the game. And play. Minimize the game.
2. Using Winject.exe, load the process MAT.exe and also load the DXT_HALLOWEEN.dll. And inject it. 
3. With fast, maximize the MAT. Now you can select the hack you want. Here the menu that will pop-up in your screen. 
4. -Press "Insert" to enable/disable.
-Press SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROW to select the menu.
-Press SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to on/off the hack. 
5. Do not minimize the MAT gameor open another tab after inject this hack because it will detected as hack tool. 6. Please share with others, we will fight who is more powerful in playing this game. Hack vs Hack. Enjoy right?  p/s The faster you are, the pros you are. *To Avoid detection using the hack tool. Please use only one hack in once time. 


just try.. ^_^
use a new id to play safe hack..

i can only using windows mode cannot full screen
or else i got detected T_T

hey it says somethings wrong

macam malware aje dah byk kali try tak leh bukak file nie

Hakim u try Alt + Enter..

still works till today?

its not work any more cause already patch..


cannot use anymore

Who Wan Gold Hack ...Go To shafou.com

dats fake de lar i seen it b4

this real or not/004/029

The original can not do this trick to

hey it doesn't work it says kernel32.dll access denied

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